XHProf PHP-extension 0.10.0 – Windows-Build

I’ve recently finished version 0.10.0 of XHProf the PHP-Profiler published by Facebook. I’ve added the missing functionality for windows versions (e.g. getrusage(), SET_AFFINITY(), GET_AFFINITY()).

This Version is based on Version 0.9.2 beta (2009-06-01) from pecl. The extension was linked against php5ts.lib (PHP 5.3.3, VC++ 6, TS, Debug) and packed with UPX afterwards.

Screenshot XHProf 0.10.0

You can download the Extension here.

I will release the source at github as soon as i did enough tests. I would be nice to have your feedback as well to get a 100% working profiler!

8 Antworten zu “XHProf PHP-extension 0.10.0 – Windows-Build”

  1. Jon sagt:

    Any tips for installing? I got it in my php.ini and it shows up in phpinfo but how do I configure it?

  2. Jon sagt:

    Thanks, I’d actually had XHPROF running on a Linux virtual machine, was looking for Windows specific instructions. I found your install.txt in your github release that I somehow missed before and I’ve got it running now. :)

  3. Ricardo sagt:

    hi there
    Do you have a x86 TS VC9 version?

  4. Rarst sagt:

    I am very interested in running XHProf on Windows, but your DLL crashes Apache on load for me. My educated guess would be that it won’t work with VC9 PHP? I am using Uniform Server stack.

  5. hi Rarst,

    the vc6 dll won’t run on vc9 php. i think you need to recompile the extension with vc9 and your php-version.

    you can find some good links to start with right here:

  6. @Ricardo

    sorry but i don’t have a x86 TS VC9 version.
    you need to compile the extension on your own.

  7. Peco sagt:

    I am researching xhprof on windows and found an issue that I will try to resolve. I tried testing xhprof 0.10.3 on a Win 2008 R2 64 bit machine, using Apache 2.2. When I am running the profiler on pages that are rendered by multiple http threads/processes it locks up the process, or only a portion of the page would render. It does not seem to work safely with concurrent access. I prepend/append a header and footer that enable/disable the profiler.
    It will be best if I work on 0.10.3 source, but if that is not available will use what you have posted on github. Where can I find the 0.10.3 source?

    If you had encountered a similar issue to what I experienced, I would also appreciate your advice.

    Thank you for your time!

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